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About Us

SAW STEM is a mission made by Group of Engineers where we inspire the next generation of STEM leaders by developing a passion for STEM careers at a young age and maintaining interest throughout to individuals. We provide students with an experiential education that excites, engages, and enriches through a unique, learn-by-doing curriculum. We use STEM Based Curriculum, i.e. Aeromodelling, Robotics, etc. Wherever possible, as a means to deliver exciting and fun based training to the students of various disciplines

Our aim and vision is of transforming the country into a 'science and technology superpower.' But when it comes to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) research environment, we might have a long way to go to complete our mission

Aeromodelling 95%


Internet of Thing (IOT) 80%

STEM Education 85%

workshops 90%

Popular Courses


    Aeromodelling is a great way of getting a glimpse into the world of drones, aeroplanes and space exploration technologies. Aeromodelling is also an inter-disciplinary area which helps your kids develop knowledge on mechanical, electronic, electrical and computational domains.

  • Internet of Things (IOT)

    The IoT Training is a 5 Days training program in the field of electronics, web applications and autonomous control of devices over the internet. This training will give you extensive insight to the world of Internet of Things.


    Robotics workshops are an ideal way to captivate young minds and stimulate critical thinking. Robot building and programming teaches a wide range of skills such as problem solving, as well as encouraging team work and cooperation. Students learn a simple programming language and have a robot up and moving within minutes.

  • Science Workshop

    Science Workshop mission is to help students from all walks of life to build their literacy in science and technology so they can become productive and engaged citizens in the 21st century.

  • IC Engine Overhaul

    In this workshop students get first-hand experience of the working principles for IC Engine Design. By dismantling a real IC Engine into components, participants can explore the engineering involved in an automotive engine system.

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Professional Reviews

Gary Black

Pawan Rama Mali

Director Aerodesign Sol.

Infusing STEM into our curriculum has been a positive learning opportunity for our students. Students are participating in a cooperating learning environment which promotes teamwork and peer collaboration.  STEM allows for real hands on approach to learning content areas.  Many of our students cheer when they see STEM on the schedule!

Gary Black


Technical Engineer, Aerospace

I was dutifully impressed with the innovation in the experiments and the teachable moments that I witnessed... SAW STEM is demonstrating how we will turn things around—one student and one school at a attracting young minds and capturing their curiosity and making the students ask why and giving them the tools to find answers is a life changing course of action.”

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22 Jan

Indian Education System Takes An AI Leap: CBSE To

India’s Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), in an attempt to mould their education system to make students well-versed with today’s fast ...

07 Dec


STEM Workshop FREE DEMO Promotion Campaign.
(08th Dec - 15th Dec- 2018)

SAW aim is to make science and math interesting, exciti...

01 Nov


(Aeromodelling, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Science Projects)
science_active_world Lets work on a wireless Robot 🙋‍♂️

Upcoming Events

06 Feb


Obstacle Avoiding Robot- Arduino based robot that uses Ultrasonic range finder sensors to avoid collisions. ...

12 Dec


STEM Workshop FREE DEMO Promotion Campaign.
(12th Dec - 15th Dec- 2018)

SAW aim is to make science and math interesting, exciti...

08 Dec


STEM Workshop aim is to make science and math interesting, exciting and fun for all, while developing thinking abilities through logic and reason. We ...