IC Engines or Internal Combustion had a great impact on human life. These engines produce immense power in contrast to their size and weight. Today, these engines power almost all land vehicles.

In this workshop students get first-hand experience of the working principles for IC Engine Design. By dismantling a real IC Engine into components, participants can explore the engineering involved in an automotive engine system.

Course & Content

All of the sessions will be practical oriented, so it will be really great if participant(s) can look on the syllabus which were going to cover during training days.

Session 1: Introduction to this program
(Expected Session Duration: 0.5-0.75 hours with Presentations, Demonstrations etc.)
  • • About Automobile Mechanics.
  • • About Engines.
  • • Why SAW R&D?
  • • Expectations from this training program.
  • • Possibilities in future.
Session 2 & 3: IC Engine Session
(Expected Session Duration: 6-7 hours with Presentations, Demonstrations etc.)
  • 1. IC Engines
  • 2. Types
  • 3. Compression & Spark ignition
  • 4. Layout
  • 5. Engine balancing
  • 6. Spark plug
  • 7. Carburettor
  • 8. Fuel injector
  • 9. Valves & valve timing
  • 10. Valve trains
  • 11. Engine cooling
  • 12. Turbochargers
  • 13. Superchargers
  • 14. Air/Fuel ratios
Session 4
Bike Engine Assembly-Dis-assembly

(Expected Session Duration: 3-4 hours Practical)
Individual Participant/ Groups will be asked to Dis-assemble and assemble the bike engine provided to them during internship Practical Session

Duration & Time of Workshop

This is a 2 Days/ 14 hours program and most of the syllabus will be case study based or practical oriented.


Participantsfrom1styear/2ndyear/3rdyear/4thyearofAero/ME/Automobiles/Production branch will get more benefited after joining this program.

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