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A quadcopter, also known as quadrocopter, quadrotor, quad copter, quad-copter, or drone, is a multirotor helicopter that gets lifted and propelled by four rotors. Quadcopters are known to be classified as rotorcraft, as opposed to fixed-wing aircraft, because their lift is generated by a set of rotors (vertically oriented propellers).

There are also tri copters (three blades), hexacopters (six blade), and octocopters (eight blades). The multirotors with a high number of blades are typically larger and designed to carry a heavier payload. For example, Amazon’s recent announcement about using unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver packages shows the company utilizing octocopters, given their increased range, stability, and ability to carry moderate amounts of weight.


During SAW R&D Quadcopter Design Workshop, participants get an opportunity to design, fabricate and test their quadcopter. Such method of application oriented training ensures participants understand the principles of aerodynamics, flight dynamics, aero structures and avionics involved in quadcopter design through its practical implementations. Participants will go through the following sessions to fabricate a quadcopter of their own.


Theoretical Session

Lecture on scientific concepts behind UAV

Different Types of Quadcopters

Aerodynamics of a quadcopter

Application of UAV & Quadcopte

Electronics Session

Introduction to electrical components in a quadcopter

RC avionics and programming

Introduction to sensors of a quadcopter

Get on-field flight lessons from our RC Pilot

Final Calibrations and Testing

Know about CG balancing procedure

Flying of all quadcopters


Embedded Development Board


DC motors

Propellers (includes Pushers and Pullers)

Electronic Speed Controllers

Power Distribution Board

Accelerometer sensors

Gyroscopic sensors

Quadcopter frame

Screws and Nuts

Servo Motors

Certification Policy

1. Certificate of Merit for all the workshop participants from SAW RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT.

2. At the end of this workshop, a small competition will be organized among the participating students and winners will be awarded with a 'Certificate of Excellence'.

3. Certificate of Coordination for the coordinators of the school workshops.


This course is open to all students interested in Quadcopter

Students interested for a career in Aerospace and Aviation related fields of engineering