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Basic RC plane is designed to be flown as 3 Channel trainers which is ideal for first time builders and fliers for RC airplanes. It is a perfect RC trainer plane for basic flying skills and to build confidence. The specially designed trainer style fuselage and wing of basic RC plane allow for slow and predictable flight.

A three channel plane will generally have control to motor power, elevator and rudder, although an option is to have aileron control instead of rudder. This is a super affordable way to get into RC plane fabrication with a professionally designed and yet easy to assemble and build kit.


The basic RC plane workshop of SAW R&D lets the participants know about basic principles and concepts of aerodynamics, flight dynamics, aero-structures and avionics involved in aircraft design in an application oriented manner.

As the name suggests, this workshop is for Aeromodelling enthusiasts who are first-timers and novice in the field of Aeromodelling. The workshop pedagogy is structured in such a way so as to the participants get a lucid idea about the basic RC plane fabrication. This basic RC plane Aeromodelling workshop is delivered through the below mentioned sessions.


Design Session

Lecture on fundamentals of aerodynamics and different types of powered aircrafts

Understand various components of an aircraft

Know about stability and control of an aircraft

Design algorithm of a basic RC Plane Aircraft

Software Session

Selection of Airfoils based on RC Plane Design requirement

Analysis on stability for RC Plane Design

Walk through the various techniques of creating an appealing design of the RC Plane

Electronics Session

Learn about various electronic components on a basic RC Plane

Detailed discussion on Brushless Motors, ESC, Servo Motors and other installed components

Explanations of different kinds of battery and their specified requirements in accordance with the fabricated RC Plane

Get to know the functionalities of Transmitter & Receiver

Fabrication Session

Hands-on experience in building a RC Plane from scratch

Get trained in installing electronic components in a RC Plane

Know about CG balancing and stability check of the fabricated RC Plane to avoid any navigational glitch during flight

Making the RC plane ready to fly



Electronic Speed Controller

Servo Motor (2 Pieces)



Working Tools

Corrugated Air frame Wing

Holder Control

Rod Clevises

Certification Policy

1. Certificate of Merit for all the workshop participants from SAW RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT.

2. At the end of this workshop, a small competition will be organized among the participating students and winners will be awarded with a 'Certificate of Excellence'.

3. Certificate of Coordination for the coordinators of the school workshops.


This course is open to all students interested in RC FIXED WINGS.

Students interested for a career in Aerospace and Aviation related fields of engineering